Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dogs and shoes.

I've only seen this once so far, and I almost laughed out loud. From what I've seen here, people do like putting clothes on their dogs (and I admit that there have been occasions where Kona is shivering, so we put on her fleece jacket). So, I'm not poking fun. But when I saw shoes on a dog, I thought it was a little ridiculous.

Then I started thinking some and started to consider some cultural tendencies – like how people never wear shoes in the house here. I think it's really nice. And when I went over to someone's house, they had guest slippers for us to put on which was also really nice. It was so hospitable and comforting. So, now when I think about that poor dog walking around Taipei in sneakers, it occurs to me that there's a possibility that this may have been done for cleanliness and not fashion. If they prefer to abstain from bringing filth from the street into their homes, wouldn't they want their dog to do the same? But, I think that the bright pink puffy jacket and fake feather hoodie was over-doing it just a little bit. Just a thought. Who knows?


  1. Hunters often put little boots on their field dogs to protect their legs and feet from thorns, burs, and other potential discomforts.

  2. Haha. I missed the opportunity! But I'll definitely look for another.