Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kids* are funny.

So, something that I've had to get used to here is being stared at. I'm normally used to blending in, but here in Taiwan, that is certainly not the case. It's not that hard to get used to, but pretty much everywhere I go in public, I'm being stared at.

A cute thing is that kids don't quite limited their stares like adults do. They are a much less subtle.

And even cuter (and more startling — it's happened a few times), is when I'm sitting in a coffee shop by a window, and I let my mind wander and turn to stare out the window and I jump. AGH! There's a little kid with face and hands against the window staring straight at me. I guess at that age it's hard to remember that windows are 2 ways, and I can see them too. Seriously, I'm talking they are about 5 inches from me with the window as the only barrier. Kids are so funny.

* a side note: if my mom is reading this, I meant children because sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell.


  1. We stared at you here, too. You just never noticed. In your defence though, it's because of your stunning beauty.

  2. you're stunning beauty (in the obnoxious mimicking tone i use when i have nothing smarter to're a you're a).