Thursday, July 23, 2009

A scooter record breaking moment.

Yesterday getting ready for girls wine and cheese night at the Romantic Paris Mansion (that's where we live), I had a record scooter pack mule moment.

2 long stemmed lillies
2 bottles of wine
roquefort cheese
camembert cheese
cheddar cheese
a box of chocolates
a baguette
a loaf of multigrain bread
a trashcan
8 hangers
4 kitchen knifes
a watermelon
a papaya
2 kiwis
a bunch of grapes
a guava
a flower vase
a chinese class book
a chinese class workbook

Let's just say that I was not able to put my feet on the floor board. All I needed was a ladder and a golden retriever, and I might have felt just a little Taiwanese.

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