Sunday, August 16, 2009

A whoa where am I moment.

Sometimes I forget where I am. Sort of. I get so tied up in my daily routine that I forget that I'm very far from home.

There was an earthquake at about 8 this morning. It woke me up, but I quickly fell back to sleep (probably because it felt more like swaying in a hammock than a life-threatening situation). I had even forgotten it had happened until my roommate asked me if I felt it.

Then I was playing on the internet only to come across this ad.

It's not monumental or anything, but it was just a quick reminder that I'm far away. Crazzzy.


  1. This was my lease favorite blog of yours so far. I'm not trying to be critical...i just wasn't feeling too good after reading it...

  2. haha...whoopsies. i'll try to step it up a bit.