Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frog Book Lesson.

Whoa...I had Chinese class today and it was just Bobo and me. We read two really cute books and I learned a TON of new words. I'm going to post some of them, so I can't try and remember them. We did a frog book lesson and then a lesson about a mischievous boy named Little Hair.

So, here are some words from the Frog Book lesson (the actual words were too difficult for me, so we just talked about the story using the pictures).

The first word we ended up learning was "forgot" because when Bobo asked me what the Chinese word for frog was, I realized that I forgot and that I also did not know how to say forgot in Chinese.

So, here it is:

Wo shou wang le hen dou.

Next we did the word for frog. I kept wanting to say wing cha. But that's a little backwards.

Then we learned jump. Because qing wa like to jump.

And they like to jump in the water, too.

So, we learned the word inside. Because it translates to Frog jump go water inside. I love how different English and Chinese grammatical structuring is from one another.

Next we learned scared because there was lightening, and the qing wa were scared.

We also learned rock. The qing wa were sitting on a rock.

And I learned the word for above.

This was a little strange because apparently you have to say "Frog on rock above." I don't know if it's correct to just say the frog is on the rock, or if you have to say "on top of" specifically.

So, I have to check with Bobo on some things. I've got words from the other book coming soon.

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