Monday, September 21, 2009

Cute teacher moment

I am just falling in love more and more with my baby beginner class (well not baby, but they are the youngest age group at my school - 6 to 8 or so).

It's crazy to think when I first got here, they were learning the alphabet and singing crazy songs without really understanding much and now, we're having conversations and making jokes and things like that.

One student, who was so shy she didn't want to talk or play games and would cry whenever her mom left, has really blossomed. She jokes around with me and laughs and has a smile to die for. Absolutely adorable.

Well, today was kind of cute because one of the students in this class was able to translate a conversation from Chinese into English for me. Just basic stuff like how old are you and translated my answer (which was, of course, as it always is, 100 years old) back to the a girl who just started learning English last week.

I was really proud to see one of my babies using her English in a practical real-life conversation. Good Job, Cherry!

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