Thursday, January 7, 2010

back in the taiwan.

Wow. You know that sinking feeling when you realize you just did something really stupid. That was me about 20 hours ago sitting down in my airplane seat at JFK.

Leaving went pretty smoothly. No complaints. The plane was on time, no confusion; I even had a moment to stop and relax over a smoothie with my dad before going through security.

It wasn't until I realized that I have $1.75 in actual cash in my wallet after forgetting to make going to the ATM possible since I forgot to get the PIN for my new debit card. I had lost my phone and couldn't think of a single way to find phone numbers of my school of friends here in Taiwan.

I got to the airport and exchanged my one dollar bill (since the don't take coins at the exchange window) and retrieved my 31 NTD. I had to ask a million places how I could get home with everyone only taking cash and no cards.

So, I found Ubus which for exactly 30 NTD would take me to some train station that I thought was in my town. It wasn't really.

At the train station, I was told there was a free shuttle to my city center (thank god)...which took me on a million stops with none of them being familiar. Finally the bus driver said a bunch of stuff in Chinese and everyone got off and so I did too.

LUCKILY, the stop happened to be about a block from one of my schools (but an hour walk from my house with a bookbag and 2 suitcases). I was just glad to be home in beautiful Taoyuan, and now nice and cozy in my comfy apartment.

Did I mention that it was also raining. Geeeezzzzzz.


  1. OHG! My stress level just shot up 1,000 points just reading this! I'm glad you got through it okay. You are, I'm going to sip on my hazelnut coffee a little longer and think happy thoughts (maybe memories of my last visit with you!)

  2. damn. i would have just given up and died on the street. you are a brave brave woman

  3. You will to carry on good in Taiwan is strong.

  4. I am just now reading this Katie, and I had no idea this is how your trip home went. (I have to get this blog emailed to me from now on. I am a crappy sister.) I am so sorry! You were so stressed trying to leave-- You are amazing. UBER-WOMAN! Take care of yourself and I'm gonna try to keep in touch better. Love Love.