Friday, January 22, 2010

Things that are different.

Every once in a while something happens here that throws me off. Nothing bad, but just something that is so different from back home in the States that I'm really confused for a moment.

I walked out to my scooter the other day, and there was someone sitting on it with her friend sitting next to her, and they were having a conversation. I said excuse me in Chinese and we all sort of laughed. I wasn't mad at all. It was more funny because I was thinking about how that's something I don't think I would ever see happen back home. I've even had my scooter moved to other parking spots while I'm in a store. That definitely threw me off. And I've seen homeless people sleep on rows of scooters. That was a little strange. I think people at home would flip out to see someone sleeping on their scooter (or car since we don't have many scooters), but it doesn't really seem to be much of an issue here. 有意思 (You Yi Si, interesting or literally has meaning).

Not a bad thing at all. Just makes me chuckle a little bit.

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