Monday, March 8, 2010

Yum Yum

Sometimes I get excited when I throw together a quick meal that looks sublimely Asian to my eyes. The simplicity of Asian aesthetic is sooo beautiful, especially in the way food is presented. Not too toot my own horn (cuz I'm not...didn't make the sushi. Got it from a to go place). I know that when the time comes that I don't live in Taiwan, I will miss these simple pleasures the most.

Ahh, the produce. I'll reallllly miss the produce. Passion fruit. Guavas. Bell Fruit. Mangoes. Dragon Fruit. Custard Apples. Love it.


  1. You need a warning on blogs such as these for people who are starving to brace themselves.

    Just a little constructive criticism. Otherwise, YUM!!!!

  2. Haha. Whooooops. Sorry Ems!

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