Monday, April 12, 2010

Taroko Gorge

My corny word-play loving sense of humor must get this out of its system. Taroko Gorge was gorgeous (that deserved cringe level reactions).

Seriously, though. I had an amazing trip to the site that about two years ago help me make my decision to live in Taiwan. I remember getting a postcard from Josh of Taroko gorge, and that's all it took.

It's beautiful in pictures and mind-blowing in real life. We stayed in an old church that was hidden up on a hill with beautiful gardens. I had to use a lot of Chinese which was really fun. Probably the most I've had to use. It was so cool, too, because Justin has started learning enough Chinese to converse with people as well.

We drove into the gorge on a scooter that we rented in a seaside town about half an hour away. It was pretty amazing to be welcomed into Taroko that way. So many tunnels and curves and beautiful sites.

We did a lot of hike and spent our nights relaxing on huge boulders with a couple of beers or wine. It was a really nice vacation and really nice to get out of the city and see some nature.


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