Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The present doesn't exist.

I think that it might be more common to think about infinity in the sense of things getting bigger. But my dad brought it to my attention that if we try to pin-point present time we will find that a moment can be infinitely split and divided. A specific moment in time doesn't exist presently, right? The present, at its most precise, does not exist. We need a pause button to find the present.

I thought this was a really, really fascinating idea. Not exactly useful. Not incredibly important, but for some reason it is really fun for me to think about.

In the painting, I decided to simplify this idea giving the visual a didactic graphic quality and using a diagrammatic color scheme to represent a linear timeline. Time exists to the left, it exists to the right, but not in the middle (big red X).

Just a simple fun one. Hmm.

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