Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Justin came back from Nepal with stars in his eyes (well, I couldn't exactly see him because we were instant messaging...but I could tell). He's seen a lot of wonderful things traveling, but it seems like this trip was especially good.

They were having some down time in Pokara and decided to volunteer at a children's home. He had a real connection with this adorable child, Raju. I thought Raju would be a nice painting to do.

It brought me back to a similar day in Costa Rica at a children's home. A really nice memory. There's something really amazing meeting children like that. Children who oftentimes have had to overcome difficult things at a really young age. To see their happy spirits and resilience is pretty inspiring.

September 15th.
I think I might be changing the name of this. It might be called "Injecting myself into someone else's story. This is Raju." I really like having long painting titles. Maybe that is stupid, but I like it because I think it makes the painting more like a story.

The depiction of Raju is my own. I am only re-living Justin's amazing experience second-hand thus injecting my own thoughts, feelings and ideas into what Justin has told me. Hence the checkers. Checkers are me. I don't know why exactly. They are a powerful image that I have always been attracted to. They also illustrate an idea that I am constantly intrigued by, an idea dealing with polar opposites working together to create something that is whole.

So. This is where I am with Raju. I'm liking him a lot more lately. His face wasn't quite right, but now in combination with different visual elements, he is feeling more alive.

Or something I dunno. Still not sure about grad school stuff. I think I can have enough, but I'm also worried that now isn't the time. That I need more development. Ohhhh dear. We'll see.


  1. In my opinion this is already amazing and you're hardly into. What you paint inspires me which is significant because you are inspired by something to paint. On going cycle and I wouldn't call it a vicious one. <3