Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things that are different (part 1).

I'll start with a crazy one. I find this really strange. Every few nights or so, or maybe once a week, you might hear Fur Elise coming from something that sounds like an Ice Cream truck. The first one I heard, gave me an ice cream craving, and I was confused that the kids in the class I was observing at the time did not react at all. But what it actually means is that you are supposed to scurry out to the street with all your trash to hand it over to the garage man. Yeah. Fur Elise = Take out the trash. Beethoven would be very confused if he knew this, but I do think that my mom would be amused because my Granny has SO over played that song that she can't stand to hear it anymore.

Another difference that is pretty typical between different cultures is the animal sounds. This always makes me laugh, but I found out that ducks say gua gua gua. Cows say mua mua mua. And chickens say goo goo goo. Seriously? Not to be ethnocentric or anything, but I think cluck cluck cluck sounds a lot closer than goo goo goo. Wow. This place is so fun. I love it.

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