Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things seen on scooters.

1. A family of four
2. Someone drinking a soda while driving
3. A golden retriever
4. Babies
5. A man with 3 massive propane tanks
6. A young child sitting on the back with no helmet, no shoes, and not holding on
7. Someone texting
8. A person with crutches
9. A big macho guy with a bit of a scowl on his face riding a pink hello kitty vino

10. A person riding with their dog and the dog was on his hind legs with his front legs up on the handle bars.
11. 2 people riding and the person on the back was holding an umbrella to protect them from the rain while driving through the market
12. A scooter that had a plastic grass floor added on.
13. Another dog one — 2 people on the scooter. One dog on the floorboard. Another dog running alongside on a leash. They were beagles.
14. A woman sitting on the back of a scooter not holding on riding side saddle (because she was wearing a skirt, of course).
15. A person with his helmet not on his head but hanging from his handlebars.
16. A person with an industrial sized 3 sink structure strapped to the back of his scooter so it was about 10 fit up the air. It's the first thing I've seen that made Taiwanese people do a double-take.
17. A construction worker holding a ladder an 8-step ladder under one arm and driving with the other.
18. Someone scooting with their golf clubs taking up the entire floorboard.
19. 12 blown up balloons - on my scooter, too!
20. A massively large remote control airplane.
21. A person with their dog on the floorboard with a largish dog in the front basket.


  1. I once saw a Unicorn on a scooter. He was drinking Starbucks and eating cheetos. And we was going to get his teeth bleached at the dentist's.

  2. haha...i don't know if i can beat that one. i'll keep trying though.