Monday, May 17, 2010

Hitler was an artist?

Just came across this and had never heard it before. After artistic rejection from the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, he moved on to what we all know he did. Below are some really striking (not in the good way) quotes of his.

"All my life I have wanted to be a great painter in oils ... As soon as I have carried out my program for Germany, I shall take up painting. I feel that I have it in my soul to become one of the great artists of the age and that future historians will remember me not for what I have done for Germany, but for my art.

"As for the degenerate artists, I forbid them to force their so-called experiences upon the public. If they do see fields blue, they are deranged, and should go to an asylum. If they only pretend to see them blue, they are criminals, and should go to prison. I will purge the nation of them.

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