Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mad Libs with my High School Students

I don't remember "studying" grammar. It's just too long ago. It's pretty accepted around our school that foreign teachers are terrible at teaching grammar. It's second nature to us, so we have trouble explaining it. And so much of learning grammar is through application, mistakes, and correction until is just becomes natural.

I DO remember, however, hours on end of Mad Libs. We LOVED Mad Libs growing up, and I swear it's the only reason I know the parts of speech (okay that and being raised by two English majors – Mom being an actual English teacher and Dad graduating from Yale) . So, when it comes to teaching parts of speech, I feel quite confident.

So, with my older students (pictured above – a trip to TGI Friday's), I really enjoy activities doing Mad Lib variations. We did this on Saturday with sentences and each sentence starting with the name of a student in class. Here are some good ones:

1. Billy found a monkey reluctantly in the desk because there was a thing barking at somebody.

2. Alan plays frog happily in the amusement park because there was a god hugging a bear.

3. Katie builds a hole in a lovely way in the toilet because there was an elephant cutting a finger.

4. Leo hurt a chair in a lively way under the bed because there was a pig robbing a baby.

And my favorite:

5. Penny eats teenagers carefully in my house because there was a toilet drinking some alcohol.

Oh fun. Word play. Love it.

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