Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend I went to 台南 to see Taiwan's oldest city/former capital. Bobo's (Bobo is my roommate/Chinese teacher/awesome friend) sister picked me up from the Bus Station at 2am and took me to her house. Yet another example of how wonderful Bobo's family is, and how hospitable and kind Taiwanese people are.

The south is known for being a little more religious. Houses usually have a small shrine set up inside and Yaya's house had a neat little one. There was soft temple music playing when I came in. That was cool.

台南 is the spot where the Chinese first came over about 400 years ago and ousted the Dutch presence in Taiwan.

I saw the temple dedicated to Zheng Cheng-Kung (Kongxinga). Very old and really beautiful. Below are photos of the temple and some with me, Yaya, and Kenny (Yaya's son):

Next, we went to Taiwan's first Kong Zi temple (Kong Zi is how you say Confucius in Chinese). Also about 400 years old. Pictures!

Then my camera lost its charge! Oh dear. After that, I went the fort where the Dutch were defeated. And I saw this amazing little show at a Temple for a God's birthday. There were drums and firecrackers and costumes. At the end, a Taiwanese woman grabbed my arm so I could join the rest of the people running toward the god to grab lucky cookies from his necklace. Fun experience.

Really great trip. Tasted lots of delicious food and spend time with Bobo's sister's family and their mom. Such sweet people. Used a lot more Chinese. It was really fun. Love Tainan. Great little city.

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