Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some thoughts on language.

I feel so guilty. Something I love about English is that is doesn't just belong to England itself. It is everyone's language. I feel very lucky (and a little guilty) to have acquired this language naturally because as I teach it to I'm realizing have difficult it is.


  1. Apparently even native speakers have trouble as evidenced by the end of your last sentence. :-)

  2. Emmie is apparently unaware of the rather obscure and rarely observed rule of the English language that when one is writing in Taiwan in the Year 98 the word "others" does not require actually being written or spoken if it is supposed to follow the word "to" and precede the word "I'm," in which extremely rare exception, "others" is implied. An example of this rule is referred to on page 10,357 of the Oxford English Dictionary - as being needed, since, due to the early time of year, this usage has not yet occurred.

  3. Haha. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. English is so hard!

    p.s. This is my second attempt at posting a comment because the first one had a grammatical error.